San Francisco, CA Real Estate Market Update 4/1/2024

by The Probate Real Estate Pros 04/01/2024

San Francisco, CA

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The Probate Real Estate Pros

Administrators and Executors are writing the closing chapter. There may be unresolved issues with family while you try to navigate in a judicial probate court, paying creditors and taxes, and then any issues with the property and how to get a great sales price. Your attention to the details leading up to the final distribution of the inheritance is what it all comes down to. With a little guidance from The Probate Real Estate Pros to help you stay on the right track, you will finish the story with a happy ending.

We know what to do. 

We know you want this to be over. No more issues. Physically, it is just too much to clean everything out of that house or take more time off work. But hold on a minute. How are you going to get a great sales price, and how can you save time and money? Just call The Probate Real Estate Pros. 

And we know how to do it. 

The public’s view of probate real estate is that it is a bargain. We coordinate and advance funds for termite repair work, clean up, painting, tenant relocation, or anything else to enhance the marketing and sales price for the heirs of the estate. We are very good at this. 

Just like for you, experience counts. 

It is not just a house, but a house of memories. We make video calls over the phone at the property to inventory items and to inspect and evaluate property with our out-of-town clients. Attorneys appreciate our quick replies to emails and assistance with probate documents. Our clients recognize our 35 years of experience in our professionalism, market knowledge and negotiation skills. 

Thank you for reaching out to us. 

Meeting with Alex Sandoval and Ken Johnson satisfies your fiduciary responsibility to consult with professionals, and you can save time and money. With clear communications on procedure and expectations, we bring in a level of understanding that will help resolve issues. We are here to make life a little easier for everyone.